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Welcome to the Maine Academy of Gymnastics

By participating in gymnastics classes as a child, the value of being fit and healthy is instilled at a young age. All children at any level benefit from learning how to control their bodies through movement. By doing so, they enhance their confidence, drive, and self-esteem. This positive state of mind will encourage each one to challenge themselves to discover their potential. Learning the art of gymnastics creates a higher work ethic for children and one that will carry over into many aspects of their lives.

We at MAG thank you for the opportunity to teach your child at our school of gymnastics and to help them develop into happy and successful adults. To our staff, coaching the sport of gymnastics is an honor and a privilege. As a result, we are truly grateful to contribute to such an important part of your child’s development. Learn more about Maine Academy of Gymnastics at our About page.

– The Amundsons

Maine Academy of Gymnastics - member of USA Gymnastics

Maine Academy of Gymnastics is a proud member of USA Gymnastics.