Just My Size!

At Maine Academy of Gymnastics, the MAG Jungle is a seperate space specifically designed for younger students. The Jungle encompasses two floors, combined with modified Just My Size gymnastics equipment. MAG Jungle also has trampolines, slides, a rock wall and two foam pits. The preschool program provides an excellent FUN and nurturing experience where students can explore and learn. Under the guidance of our trained and safety certified staff, students will learn introductory gymnastics skills while improving their strength, flexibility and coordination. Our young students will see their confidence SOAR as they learn about gymnastics and strengthen their life-long journey of health and wellness.

The MAG Jungle: where Fitness is Fun!

Preschool Jungle classes are for pre-K students. They are age based and co-ed.

Check out the preschool classes here.

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of three students is required in order to hold a class.

An annual membership fee of $45 applies to all new students.


First Flight

Adult Assistant Required 

Ages 12 months to 3 years

Class Length: 60 minutes

Along with our trained coaching staff; adults will assist students throughout the class. This class is designed for a 1:1 adult to child ratio. A coach will guide the class along their flight path.

  • Take off: our coach will lead adults and students through a warm up to stretch muscles and gain flexibility.
  • Flight Patterns: Your child will learn gymnastics by traveling through a series of rotations including obstacle courses, trampoline rotations & Jungle exploration play.
  • Flight Navigation: Our coaching staff guides the class to assist adults on proper spotting techniques, proper gymnastics terminology & how best to support the students.


Second Flight

Solo Flying Time

Age 3 to 4

Class Length: 60 minutes

The Second Flight is a class where students independently explore bars, beam, vault and floor with guidance from a coach. With a 5:1 class ratio, this is our smallest size class and designed specifically to ensure each student gets the attention they require.

The focus in Second Flight is on strength, flexibility, balance, speed and coordination. Students will expand and learn gymnastics vocabulary and different body shapes. Students learn about teamwork, taking turns, body awareness and communication.  Second Flight is a fundamental and foundational class; all while bouncing, climbing and having fun.


Soaring Eagles

Perfecting Our Flights

Age 4 to 4 ½

Class Length: 60 minutes

At age 4 students are attentive, focused and ready to learn. Coaches will lead the Soaring Eagles through specific movements and body positions on floor, balance beam, vault and bars. The students will be challenged to work on perfecting skills while building foundational gymnastics skills.


Super Flyers

The Master of Flight

Ages 4½ to 5½ (must be 4 by October 15th of the current year)

Class Length: 60 minutes

Specifically designed for those master flyers, the Super Flyer class is the last in our preschool series. Designed with the preschooler in mind; this class will lay the groundwork and position students to develop and excel in our Wings program.

As a Super Flyer, students will be challenged with new skills, new coordination drills and additional fun and excitement in the Jungle, on our event circuits and in our trampoline space in the main gym.