The Jungle - preschool gymnastics




Just My Size!

The Jungle Gym Preschool Development program at the Maine Academy of Gymnastics is a great way to introduce children to the fun and exciting world of gymnastics. Gymnastics will improve your child’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and agility while instilling a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. And the best part: gymnastics is a fun way for children to be physically active while improving overall health and fitness!

All of the equipment in the Jungle provides a safe and friendly environment in which to introduce youngsters to the sport of gymnastics. Many choose to attend more than one class a week and discounts are available. All preschool classes are co-ed.
Is your child old enough to participate in recreational classes? Check out boys and girls classes here.

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of three students is required in order to hold a class.

An annual membership fee of $45 applies to all new students.


First Flight

Co-pilot required! Escort your child through a wide variety of movements and fun in the Jungle Gym Preschool program.

Ages 1-3

  • The 60-minute class begins with a fun-filled warm up to get those bodies ready to play.
  • Children will learn the fundamentals of movement and early gymnastics skills by rotations and modified gymnastics circuits set up in various stations in the gym.
  • As you and your child follow the stations with your group, our instructors will be teaching proper progressions and spotting techniques and explain the goals and concepts of each skill.


Second Flight

The Second Flight classes are transitional classes between parent participation and parent observation.

Age 3

  • This class involves a full curriculum of modified gymnastics skills and movement concepts and is more challenging than the First Flight.
  • This Second Flight introduces the first stages of independent gymnastics for youngsters.
  • The 60-minute class follows a weekly curriculum where children will learn through fun-filled activities. Balance, agility, speed, strength, and body awareness are all enhanced while climbing, jumping and playing!
  • Here children are introduced to early-stage social skills and cooperation, along with listening to and following directions, all in a safe and nurturing environment.


Soaring Eagles

The Soaring Eagles class is a 60-minute class for boys and girls who are ready to be introduced to various types of tumbling, trampoline and gymnastics equipment along with their classmates.

Age 4-5

  • Weekly lesson plans are centered on having fun and building self-confidence while laying the groundwork for future skill development and increasing children’s level of overall fitness.
  • Skills are taught in a progressive manner to ensure safety and success.