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Maine Academy of Gymnastics is frequently looking for hard-working, conscientious talent who thrive on teaching kids. Join our team and help make a difference!

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Are you thinking about coaching gymnastics?

Maine Academy is hoping to hire those who love children and want to add to their development and teach them the wonderful sport of gymnastics. The staff of MAG always works to inspire children and teach them how to be confident, strong, and coordinated. No matter what level they may be, beginner through advanced, preschooler through young teen, the benefits of learning how to move with ease and aspire to learn new things, is very important for every child. Each one will learn the values of working to achieve whatever their goal may be. Teaching these very important aspects of a child’s development and growth is easy to do, as the sport of gymnastics is exciting and fun for boys and girls of all ages and abilities! Coaching gymnastics is very rewarding and if you’re interested in joining our coaching team, please let us know!

MAG is always looking for those with a background in coaching gymnastics, but also those who would like to learn how to coach the sport. Of course, wages are determined based on experience and availability, but we are happy to teach you how to do it. The very most important aspect of coaching gymnastics successfully, is the desire to enhance the life of a child. Each and every student who comes through the doors of Maine Academy of Gymnastics is very important to us. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with them and to teach them what they can do in a nurturing, safe and welcoming environment. We are hoping to add coaches to our programs at all levels with after school, early evening and weekends being the most popular times, but mornings and early afternoons too! Full time, part time, anytime, we have a schedule for those who love children and are excited to have the chance to help them thrive.

Please contact us and let us know your background and what you’re interested in teaching and we will look forward to meeting you soon!

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