Maine Academy of Gymnastics, located in Westbrook, Maine, just outside Portland, has a variety of programs for all ages and skill levels from First Flight (parent and tot), to our advanced competitive teams, the American Flyers. At MAG, your child will be introduced to the 4 Olympic gymnastics events for girls and the 6 Olympic gymnastics events for boys. Our professional and safety-certified staff, will ensure that your child is learning in a fun and safe environment, challenging both their mind and physical fitness.

Each student will experience success with each new challenge, and realize that they are stronger, braver and more capable than they had ever imagined! The Maine Academy staff continually participate in clinics and workshops throughout the United States in order to provide the very best in professional gymnastics instruction.

Maine Academy of Gymnastics is a proud member of USA Gymnastics.


The sport of gymnastics combines many aspects of a child’s development. Through various exercises that enhance strength, flexibility, agility and neuromuscular development, each student will become more physically fit. This, along with the attributes of self-motivation, goal setting, discipline and the strive for improvement, will benefit each child involved with any sport at any level. Maine Academy feels that the sport of gymnastics is beneficial for all children. Each one will learn that fitness is fun. Our staff knows that learning gymnastics will enhance a child’s life in many ways, both inside of a gym and out. We feel that it is an honor and a privilege to be a part of that very important life lesson for every one of our students.



The senior coaching staff at the Maine Academy of Gymnastics consists of highly motivated professionals who have dedicated years of studying and teaching gymnastics throughout the United States and abroad. The Maine Academy senior coaching staff participate annually in national clinics and training seminars to keep updated and continue to offer the very best in professional gymnastics instruction. All coaching staff members are either USAG/Red and/or Cross Safety certified.


Our Students

The sport of gymnastics is rewarding as well as a great deal of fun for all children. Maine Academy is the home of young athletes from many parts of the state. Students travel regularly from great distances to participate in the wide variety of programs offered. While Maine Academy specializes in preschool development, we offer a curriculum geared for all ages and abilities for both girls and boys.


The Maine Academy of Gymnastics is located in a 13,500 sq ft facility designed to offer a wide variety of fun programs for girls and boys of all abilities.

We are one of the largest, best-equipped training facilities in New England, educating everyone from beginners to National Team members and all those in between. We continually upgrade our equipment and pride ourselves in offering the safest environment possible.

For directions to our facility, please visit our Contact page.